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How Do I Work?

Instead of being tied to any particular print supplier, I am fully independent and call upon over three decades of experience in the print trade, and a vast array of quality-approved contacts to get the very best deal for each of my clients. I’ll match your specific requirements and budget to the most suitable supplier for your particular project.


A Unique Service

All print suppliers have their strengths and weaknesses. One might offer fast turnarounds but on a limited range of papers, another might offer some unique, eye-catching finishes, but on a much slower service, and another still might be cheap and speedy, but their print quality is not up to scratch. Finding the right one for your particular project - whether it’s 100 business cards or 100,000 brochures - can be a minefield; a gamble. But not with Right Impression.

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The Complete Service

What I can offer is a one-stop shop that takes all the hassle out of your print project. That includes a range of professional creative services including graphic design, copywriting, illustration, and even photography.

Get in touch with my DESIGN & print consultation company, BASED IN SURREY TO FIND OUT HOW I CAN HELP YOU.

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About me

Via my printing company, Right Impression, I provide an extensive range of professional printing and creative services, including magazine production, logo design, and much more. With more than 35 years of experience, I’m able to produce high-quality products that are tailored specifically to your needs. Contact me today, in Cranleigh, Surrey, to learn more about the services I offer.